The Dryer Vent Cleaner

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Clogged dryer Vents Cause Hour Fires! Don’t Let This Happen To You! Don’t Delay

Our Service Virtually Pays For Itself With Fewer Repairs & Lower Utility Bills!

Don’t hire a cut-rate dryer vent cleaner! They cut corners leaving you with a fire risk! We clean all 5 areas including the inner-workings of your dyer, the roof exit vent, transition vent, main vent, & deep into the lint tray receptacle are! All 5 areas must be cleaned to keep you safe from a fire!

Plus we conduct full safety diagnostic tests after our service to ensure your dryer is sage to use! Other companies don’t test

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  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Safety Diagnostic Test
  • We clean all five venting areas