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Reimagine – Reinvent – Rejuvenate

At Sweet Tea Treasures, we believe that your home is your canvas and nothing tells your story quite like unique furniture and decor. Open your front door and reimagine what beauty and style can exist within those four walls. Reinvent your guests’ experience and tell your story room by room.

Let’s rejuvenate your life and bring more character to your days by artfully curating every nook and cranny of your home.

Our mission is to provide our customers with an elevated home improvement experience while also giving local women artists the platform to express themselves and own their own businesses. Sweet Tea Treasures strives to offer the highest quality new and refurbished furniture. Our designers take pride in the repair and refinishing process, ensuring all furniture and decor meet new or like-new standards.

890 St Lucie W Blvd, St Lucie West, FL 34986


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Sweet Tea Treasures

890 St Lucie W Blvd, St Lucie West, FL 34986