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Redefining Art

Jon Allen Metal Art. On the web, your home base for Jon’s classic, best-known art pieces. But did you know Statements2000 is also a real brick and mortar place that serves as our home base here in North Palm Beach, Florida? This is Jon’s primary studio and has been for many, many years. Statements2000 provides Jon the structure, tools, and space to create his impressive range of original artwork and designs.

Jon has a fantastic, dedicated team that operates out of Statements2000.  Jon takes great pride in providing a creative work environment for people to thrive in. Each Statements2000 team member plays a vital role in daily operations.

In addition to a truly skilled group of artist assistants who help make it possible for us to fulfill your orders in a timely fashion, we have a range of administrative support on site as well. This includes a shipping department that handles safe transit of all artwork as well as the required logistics, a marketing team, an in-house customer support person, and a photographer/graphic artist.

1374 N Killian Dr, Lake Park, FL 33403


  • Wall Art
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures
  • Clocks

Statements 2000

1374 N Killian Dr, Lake Park, FL 33403