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At Filterbuy, we care about the air you breathe. That is why our family-owned and operated company works around the clock to deliver clean, indoor air into your home and your business. From our first air filter sold in 2013, we have proudly built our business in the USA, manufacturing in Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Utah. As our Filterbuy team has grown to nearly 1,000 employees, we have kept our commitment to community investment and personal service. We are a direct-to-consumer company, working with you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Not only do we offer over 600 different air filter sizes, we also have a team dedicated to making custom air filters of any size. Because we know that when it comes to clean air, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Our mission is to offer you a premium product at a competitive price, delivered directly from our factory to your door. At Filterbuy, we want to help you, your family, and your community breathe clean indoor air that is free of pollutants and allergens. Filterbuy. Live Free, Breathe Freely.

We are fanatical about customer service and are dedicated to offering you the best possible shopping experience. Always free shipping. Always made in the USA.

With over 600 pleated furnace filter sizes, high quality replacement filters for more than 40 air filter brands (and growing), Filterbuy is your source for affordable replacement filters.

Can’t find it on our site? Contact us! We love a challenge and we can provide custom filters at great prices.

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Filterbuy HVAC Solutions

1655 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd ste 1005, West Palm Beach, FL 33401