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Transform Your Attic

Updating your attic stairs with Attic Stair Pro will make each and every trip up and down your attic safer, easier and faster. Feel secure with your tasks in the attic and make a great investment in your extra space. We offer extra security for your attic by installing plywood to keep you secure and safe accessing your storage needs if you would like to add on that service.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, that is why we are South Florida’s number one attic ladder installation company. Attic projects are difficult to maneuver, and can be hazardous. We can transform your attic from overlooked space into usable space by installing attic stairs or an attic lift. Additionally, we can install attic flooring to safely provide you with additional storage space for your home. Proper insulation in the attic is one of the best ways to keep your home energy efficient, leave it to the experts, we’re happy to help!

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Attic Stair Pro

615 N Orange Ave Unit 5, Jupiter, FL 33458