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Best Terrazzo Installation in Florida

We’re not kidding when i say that epoxy terrazzo offers you an endless array of colors to work with. Designers can select one or two colors for their project for a classic terrazzo style, or explore multiple color options if they like. Epoxy terrazzo is a great indoor flooring solution that can be installed nearly everywhere.

Think of a hotel or hospital lobby. What better way to greet visitors than with a floor that catches their eye. We present two projects that use terrazzo in the lobby area to welcome and engage people.

Epoxy terrazzo has become a growing trend in commercial buildings in recent years. The limitless color options offers architects and designers the option to create a custom and unique floor. This feature on top of terrazzo’s durability and low maintenance makes it a great flooring solution. Let’s walk you through some colorful terrazzo floors that may inspire you to work with epoxy terrazzo in the future.
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Terrazzo is limited to your imagination. This boutique hotel created a beautiful lobby space with epoxy terrazzo floors that resembles the local Florida beaches. The floor depicts the land and the sea using 5 epoxy resin color. This terrazzo floor design is memorable and helps establish a comforting feeling for anyone looking for a relaxed stay.


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