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Deep, Long-Lasting Relief.

That’s the Joint Medic Difference!

• EIGHT (8) anti-inflammatories support healing of bruises, painful joints

& connective tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons) even carpal tunnel.

• A skin cream is 95% more effectively absorbed – much better than pills!

• Addresses root causes of painful conditions – does not cover them up.

• Corrects immune driven-inflammation as it re-fluidizes your joints.

• A potent blend of natural, scientifically proven ingredients & botanicals

that supports the body’s healing processes.

• Greaseless, odorless, stainless – no burning or stinging sensation.

• Produced in the USA at a certified FDA lab.

Effective, Long-Lasting Joint & Muscle Pain Relief for Active People of All Ages!

A Golfer’s Best Friend – No More Sore Knees, Back or Elbows!

“I have suffered from arthritis in both hands for the past five years. The only way I could play a round of golf without pain was to take a very large dosage of ibuprofen. I began using Joint Medic just before Christmas in 2007. Within a very short time, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the pain and swelling in my hands. I can now focus on my swing – and not the pain. Joint Medic has given me my golf game back.”      – Chuck Bennett, Golfer

Bio-Identical Natural Progesterone skin cream from Aarisse – A Safe

Healthful approach to Menopause, PMS, Osteoporosis and its symptoms

What Harvard physician, John R. Lee’s book reported is true! There’s an over-abundance of estrogen and estrogenic substances in the foods we eat and petrochemical environment we live in.    “Bioidentical, natural progesterone can help counter-balance the effects of estrogen dominance and more.”*

Natural progesterone has been shown to support the following:

• Ease Menopausal Transitions

• Rebuild Bone Mass and Density

• Enhance Sex Drive

• Protect Against Breast Cancer

• Restore Normal Sleep Patterns

• Alleviate Mood Swings, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes

• Relieve Cramping, Migraines, Weight Gain & Depression

• Safe Alternative to HRT Drugs

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Prosta-Health  FOR MEN


A Powerful Natural Supplement for Men

Progesterone & men’s health?

Just as with women, men can suffer from

the effects of “Estrogen dominance” and

reduced levels of progesterone caused by

an over abundance of estrogen in the foods we eat

and Xeno-estrogenic chemicals in our modern

environment. Research shows that estrogen

dominance is a significant factor in both prostate

cancer & uterine cancer (nearly identical receptor cells).

Noted progesterone researchers, Dr. B. Formby, T.S.Wiley and

Dr. John R. Lee have published their medical research on the

importance of natural progesterone’s role in promoting Men’s

good health & well being.


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  • Balance You Hormones
  • Long Lasting Relief
  • Physician Developed